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Procurement Solutions commenced trading, in February 1999 and has doubled its turnover each year and now employs 3 full time and 1 part time staff.

Originally set up to carry out purchasing consultancy we have diversified to provide outsourcing solutions for customers, are developing N.V.Q.s specifically for purchasing and a training programme in supply chain management  with Castlereagh College. The person who will be involved delivering the improvement programme has extensive knowledge of the supply chain management process evaluating over 60 companies for the purpose of developing partnerships, mainly in the U.K. and Europe. The recurring theme in the companies evaluated was that insufficient resource is given to the supply chain function of the organisation, which is usually an immediate source for improvements giving price reductions, therefore improving the company financial performance. We have developed a structured method of evaluating the supply chain process setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and track able goals which contribute to the overall company strategy. These can be used with start ups, small business and large companies.

Question:  Why as a company would I need this?

Savings squandered by lack of skills

“More than half the UK’s manufacturing and service companies expect recruitment problems in the next few years as they seek to improve the efficiency of their purchasing operations according to a survey.

A poll of 668 companies by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply and Andersen Consulting has found that many companies are trying to smooth out supply chain bottlenecks and work with suppliers to reduce costs.  But most are likely to be held back by shortages of people with the appropriate technical and computer skills.

Better management of supplies of raw materials, components and services, which on average contribute an estimated 55 per cent of UK industry’s costs, is considered a key way of improving competitiveness.

While most companies recognise the benefits of improving supply chain efficiencies only 23 per cent of those polled had a strategy for this. ‘Many boardrooms are still operating in a supply chain stone age,’ Financial Times –  September 2002
As procurement departments come under increasing pressure to deliver reductions in direct product costs, there is a lack of skilled purchasing people available to deliver the price reduction program.

With this in mind I started to develop a training program which was quick meaningful and had a follow up process which gave continued support to purchasing.

This addressed the short term needs of purchasing however there was still a requirement to look at a structured method of bringing more purchasing people through a process that receives a recognised qualification at the end of the training. Therefore the next step was to link up with a established training centre to develop N.V.Q.s in purchasing levels 2,3,4.level 4 being accepted by the chartered institute of purchasing and supply as the only non exam method of becoming a full member this is currently underway and should be available in November.

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